Woody Technologies

Woody Technologies

The smartest solution for your media processing workflows
Woody Technologies® introduce your favourite applications.

We develop strong and powerful solutions based on well-proven technology. They have shown their reliability in various contexts and environment. Major broadcasters use them to produce news and programs watched by millions of viewers.

Built on an open web-oriented architecture and using modern technology, our softwares are conceived to be smoothly integrated in complex workflows including numbers of third parties.

Our state of mind is to create intuitive and user-friendly products. We think as users first, and make sophisticated workflows easy to implement and operate.

Woody in2it
Index and manage multi format files with the most intelligent ingest tool

Woody Ingest
Automate and simplify your ingest with our unique processing tool

Woody Outgest
Automate and control your transfers from Avid ® Interplay | Production

Woody Social
Search and ingest trending social content across every network

Transfer media files straight from the field to the infrastructure

Woody Check-in
Connect Harmonic ® WFS and ProMedia Carbon with Avid ® Interplay | Production

Connect Adobe ® Creative Apps with your favorite MAM platform


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