Spectra StorCycle Storage Management Software

StorCycle Storage Management Software is a new solution that automatically identifies and moves inactive data or completed projects from primary storage to a lower tier of storage. Whether data is scattered across many locations or contained in projects or folders, the policy-based system scans and identifies infrequently accessed data and transparently moves it to a lower cost storage tier, leaving behind links for easy user access.

This automatically frees primary storage capacity for active projects, improves performance, and reduces administrative time, reducing overall storage expenses by up to 70%. Data integrity is ensured through multiple copies stored in multiple locations and tiers, including public cloud, disk and tape. Perfectly suited for industries such as genomics, education, research facilities, and general IT environments, a StorCycle solution can drastically reduce organizations total cost of storage without changing the existing file structure.

Organizations have large amounts of data that are critical to their businesses and growing rapidly. Typically this data is all stored on an expensive primary tier of storage for active data, but up to 80 percent of it is inactive and, therefore, being stored on the wrong tier, costing millions of dollars a year. Existing data management solutions to migrate the data to lower-cost storage are complex, costly, and labor intensive.

Those packages often end up being cost multipliers. Spectra StorCycle storage management software automatically identifies inactive data and moves it to a lower-cost perpetual storage tier, ensuring the data is stored securely, creating a responsive copy as well as a DR copy, while making it easily accessible to end users. When you put it all together, StorCycle can reduce storage cost up to 70 percent.

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