Ross Video Inception Social Media Management
New ways to connect with your most important asset – your audience

Social media has changed the world, offering new ways to connect with your most important asset – your audience. Inception answers the challenge of managing these connections by enabling the efficient and controlled delivery of your stories, promotions, messages and announcements through social media. It provides a professional suite of tools to create and manage media content in your newsroom and promotions departments, transform it into formats required for the web and then automatically publish it at the time of your choosing. As the web and social media continue to grow and evolve, Inception is there to help your team work collaboratively to build your brand, connect with your audience and expand your reach.

At Ross, creating high performance, affordable video production technology has been our passion for close to 4 decades. Our dedication to improve the state-of-the-art has resulted in Inception – the first product that connects your newsroom directly to the web, allowing you to use a professional production process for all content being published as social media. The system follows a simple Create -> Edit -> Submit -> Approve -> Publish process to guide you from story concept to complete.

Inception features an innovative plug-in architecture that allows you to choose when and where stories come from, how material is published, and ways to customize the system to work for you. It has plug-ins to create live running orders or use MOS to load them from your newsroom, it has plug-ins for many popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook, video hosting sites like YouTube and Brightcove and it has plug-ins for workflow solutions like scheduling and email approval. Whether you are managing 1 feed or 100, and however large or small your organization Inception can handle it.

Applications exist wherever you want to get the message out to the widest possible audience such as news, live events, breaking news, promotions, sports, weather, alerts and updates. The power and simplicity of the system allows you to control the message without adding to anyone’s work load.

Managing social media can be confusing, labor intensive and expensive. Inception provides the means to take control of the process and create timely, compelling content tying newsroom editorial, promotions and production into one easy to use system. Using Inception can relieve these pressures and make social media management easy.

  • Connect to newsroom systems and load running orders
  • Connect to storage and browse or watch video
  • Create content and publish to social networking and video sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
  • Transform broadcast content into web content
  • Create story content specific for each social network
  • Work Collaboratively to craft your message
  • Control your message using a professional production workflow
  • Editorial workflow with approvals for every format of every story
  • Publish on a programmed schedule, on-demand, or follow what’s happening in OverDrive or the newsroom playlist