Broadcast & Professional AV Camera Range

The Panasonic Broadcast and ProAV range offers some of the industry’s best-performing products. Their range of products includes AVC-ULTRA, P2HD and AVCCAM cameras, live switchers and mixing desks for use in the studio or compact models for outside broadcast and live image mixing in the field, professional monitors, remote camera operating systems, studio camera systems, a full range of accessories, complimentary software and recording media.
AVC-ULTRA offers advanced video coding specifically designed to provide the professional user with major improvements in cost, speed and reliability. Fully compliant with the H.264/AVC video coding standard, the AVC-ULTRA provides favourable image quality and bit rates for all types of broadcast and image product applications, from mastering to streaming, and helps to deliver improvements in the entire workflow experience.
Panasonic’s range of professional cameras also boasts their impressive VariCam products. Within this range is the groundbreaking 4K camera, the VariCam 35. This camera employs an innovative design, and has already been used for a number of professional broadcast applications.

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