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Take advantage of the most innovative Central Ingest

mxf SPEEDRAIL: File Based Ingest

Easily transfer your material between editors, devices, servers and network folders, and process your ingest jobs with no delay

MOG technologies mxf speedrail

Perform QC while Ingesting

Get a fully automated Quality Control System that checks your media while the file-based contents are ingesting.

There is no need to wait for the ingest process to be finished. Perform your QC tasks automatically.


MOG technologies mxf speedrail

Schedule your ingest jobs

Easy Scheduler that allows you to plan ahead and distribute your workload throughout the day… after all archival can happen overnight.


MOG technologies mxf speedrail

Transcoding Capabilities

No more issues caused by having many different formats on your timeline. Avoid long and extensive consolidating and or exporting processes.


MOG technologies mxfspeedrail