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Cross Platform Workflow Solutions

Project Parking

Parking is a range of products that simplify and automate the management, backup and archive of Avid storage and projects.

A complete Avid storage management solution

The solution to managing your Avid projects and Avid ISIS. Project Parking has all the tools you need to understand which projects are using up space then take action to clear it up. You can archive projects to tier 2, move projects to a laptop for work on set, or delete orphan and duplicate files. Large facilities around the world trust their ISIS housekeeping to Project Parking.



Medway makes Avid Workflow

Medway is an ultra-scalable media centric middleware. Medway technology is used globally in hundreds of locations by some of the biggest names in the broadcast and media industry. Medway is now cloud enabled bringing the richest set of legacy and contemporary integrations to cloud and hybrid workflows.


marquis medway workflows


Medway provides the most comprehensive and widely used integrations to Avid. Medway is a plug and play replacement for Avid Transfer manager, its ultrafast compute processing make transcoding, re-wrapping, audio matrixing, and VANC handling both fast and reliable. Medway is designed to support complex workflows; seamlessly integrating advanced metadata processing and exchange between the systems it connects. It does so resiliently and reliably. Automatic hardware fail-over, efficient throughput control and expandable bandwidth, together with comprehensive diagnostics mean Medway is remains a reliable and predictable part of your infrastructure.


Postflux for Premiere

Key Benefits:

  • Ensures Premiere project based workflows are reliable and consistent
  • Makes moving, archiving, versioning or sharing of Premiere projects quick and easy
  • In-built scheduling to automate backups, for sharing work-in-progress, disaster recovery etc
  • Messaging service reports status and errors to admins/user

Based on a client server architecture, individual editors have their own Postflux user logins, Postflux scans and analyses disorganised source project files and resolves all associated media. It then moves the project and media to a specified location, thus creating a new fully self-contained and organised Premiere Pro project. This makes exchanging Premiere projects simple and easy, plus allows the user to write to the most appropriate and pre-determined storage locations, whether on high-performance storage, removable storage or cloud.