MagStor The World’s FIRST Thunderbolt TM 3 Certified LTO Tape Drive


The World’s FIRST Thunderbolt (TM) 3 Certified LTO Tape Drive”

MagStor is a daughter company to Magnext, which has 12 years industry experience selling complete tape storage products. MagStor data storage products are tailored specifically to the media and entertainment sector.

MagStor LTO Tape drives all include:

  • Apple (TM) and Intel (TM) Certification (For Mac & PC)
  • 3yr warranty
  • Internal power supply
  • 30yr media archive life
  • LTFS compatible drag & drop
  • 2x TB3 (TM) ports on front of unit, allow for quick and easy connectivity
  • 300MB/s read and write
  • TB3 devices are fully backwards compatible with previous generations of Thunderbolt (T) technology

With 2 TB3(TM) ports and the ability to add a 2nd drive or an additional HDD really do make MagStor a unique Standalone LTO solution.

Featured Models

MagStor LTO7 Thunderbolt 3 Desktop Tape Drive
6TB native capacity, LTO drive

MagStor LTO8 Thunderbolt 3 Desktop Tape Drive
12TB native capacity, LTO drive

MagStor LTO7 Thunderbolt 3 – Dual Desktop Tape Drive
2x 6TB native capacity, LTO drive

MagStor LTO8 Thunderbolt 3 – Dual Desktop Tape Drive
2x 12TB native capacity, LTO drive

Included in each MAgStor product:

  • MagStor LTO7 / LTO8 unit
  • 2m MagStor (Intel Certified) ThunderboltTM 3 active 40Gb/s cable
  • Power supply: 100/240 VAC 50/60 Hz auto sensing
  • Power cable
  • USB stick with MagStor related drives and software demos


MagStor Release LTO Migration Unit with Thunderbolt 3

To help ease and take the pain out of migration to LTO-8 tape MagStor  launch of the TRB3-HL-MIG from MagStor.

A neat desktop unit which provides proper LTO drive orientation (horizontal) with 1x LTO-6 drive and 1x LTO-8 drive. Migration has NEVER been easier or more compact.

This unit will allow customers with LTO-4/5/6 backups and archives to easily migrate to LTO-7/8.

The process can be made even simpler by using a third party software such as myLTO and or PreRoll Post, both from Imagine Products

Once migration is complete the 1x LTO-6 drive can be replaced with an LTO-8 drive, providing you with a dual drive LTO-8 unit.



MagStor is the perfect drive to accompany HYPERTAPE software

Based on dnaLTFS technology hyperTAPE is a new Tape Storage solution from StorageDNA.
Once your LTO drive is connected, with hyperTAPE software your drive appears on the desktop, just like a regular drive.
Read, write, transcode, ingest or subclip directly from your LTO tape within your LTO drive.


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