EditShare is an award-winning system for storing audio and video media files in a central networked location. With its patent-pending technology, EditShare allows all connected workstations to capture, access and share a common pool of media files, while guaranteeing a fast and efficient workflow as well as the safety of your media files. Thanks to another patent-pending innovation, EditShare is also the only non-Avid solution that supports full Avid Project Sharing – allowing multiple editors to open and work from the exact same Project and get instant Read-Only access to each others bins and sequences.

EditShare is the first affordable solution for true collaborative editing Рdesigned for the industry’s leading NLE products like Avid Media Composer, Avid Symphony, Apple Final Cut Pro, Canopus Edius, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Sony Vegas. Today, there are hundreds of EditShare systems in operation around the world working at resolutions from offline all the way to uncompressed HD and helping digital content producers be more efficient and more creative.

Altered Images – The Award Winning Editshare Reseller


  • Support and integration partner of the year 2013-2014
  • Altered Images was recognised by EditShare as the leading European Reseller in 2011-12 with an award at NAB 2012.
  • This follows our other Editshare awards over many years including: United Kingdom Leading Value Added Reseller (VAR) for 2007
  • VAR of the year Europe in 2009-2010
EFS Shared Storage

EditShare EFS shared storage range enables the worlds leading creative facilities to collaborate and deliver content on time and within budget. From capturing media in the remotest locations to managing petabytes of data for the largest media organizations, there is an EFS storage system for every scenario. Now with the launch of the EditShare File System (EFS) based storage solutions, EditShare delivers ultra-fast performance with rock-solid reliability.


Automated Quality Control

QScan is a fully featured, comprehensive file based Automated Quality Control (AQC) software solution that is used to test the integrity of your media files. The earlier any issues are found with your media, the easier and quicker it is to rectify them. QScan can be deployed for ingest or for compliance checking prior to delivery against published delivery specifications. With the ever increasing complexity of media content, QScan can very efficiently identify errors in media containers (wrappers) as well as testing the based band video and audio essence. More subjective testing for picture quality can also be applied with these tests via user definable templates. Templates can even be combined with macros to create certain pass or fail conditions for content.

Scalability is provided through three variants – QScan One an entry level solution can be upgraded to QScan Pro, which in turn is upgradable to node-based QScan Max, delivering enterprise-class performance. All offer the same level of testing and compliance checking. QScan’s unique single pass analysis allows users to understand more about their media without the need to continually retest content after making changes to test parameters.

Flow 2020


The milestone release of Flow 2020 marks a decoupling from EditShare-only storage and now facilities can enjoy the full suite of media management tools on any storage platform. The same smart toolset that EditShare EFS storage users are familiar with and enjoy today, is now available to everyone.

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