EditShare EFS SSD

XStream EFS SSD shared storage is built for all facilities facing the challenge of transitioning to 4K content creation, collaboration and delivery. Based on the proven high-performance EditShare File System (EFS), XStream EFS SSD is specifically engineered for bandwidth hungry formats such as uncompressed DPX, DNxHR 444 and ProRes 4444, the mainstay of 4K and Ultra HD post-production, Digital Intermediate (DI), VFX and Finishing projects. It combines Solid State Drives (SSD) with a new architecture to create a flexible platform that scales from a budget-friendly 8TB all the way to 5PB+

Pinnacle Of Performance

The XStream EFS SSD design employs advanced small-feature-size NAND Flash modules (SSDs) to achieve exceptionally high performance, reliability and low power consumption. It exploits the improved Write and Read throughput of SSDs, eliminates RAID controller bottlenecks by pairing just 8 SSDs with each controller and relies on RAID 5 instead of slower, more complex RAID implementations. Finally, the bandwidth needed to move media streams to/from Windows, OSX and Linux client workstations is generated via our Native Client which replaces SMB and AFP protocols with a higher performing, higher availability, multi-threaded alternative.

For example a fully populated 24-drive storage node delivers approximately 9000 MB/s, which is sufficient to manage at least six concurrent 10-bit DPX streams to support film scanning, restoration, color correction and other DI workflows. When bandwidth or storage capacity exceed that available from a single node, it is a simple matter to add storage nodes and an XStream EFS Metadata Server to implement a storage cluster that uses SwiftRead technology to protect media data from node failures and performance from cluster congestion.

XStream EFS SSD eases the migration to collaborative 4K/UHD ready workflows

Accelerated Collaboration

XStream EFS SSD combines large stream counts and real time collaboration. Our EditShare Connect software permits project sharing and bin locking using leading professional creative and finishing tools, including Avid Media Composer®, Adobe® Premiere Pro®, Apple FCP X®, Black Magic Resolve®, Autodesk Flame®, plus many others. Administrators will find that with an easy-to-manage single global namespace, they can manage user accounts and privileges, establish shared media and project spaces, manage quotas, Health reports and perform general system maintenance. And with no per-seat client licenses, you have the freedom to increase attached clients without any additional costs.

Finally like all EditShare shared storage solutions, the new XStream EFS SSD system seamlessly integrates with the EditShare Flow production MAM, allowing users to log, track, search and retrieve 4K/UHD assets across online, nearline and offline EditShare storage platforms. Plus with AirFlow, the web browser component of Flow, remote users can access assets for review and approval or remote editing.