EditShare XStream EFS 300  64Tb  Used system

USED EditShare XStream EFS 300 -64Tb with Switch

We have in stock at a special price a 64Tb EFS 300 System. Purchased in late 2017 the unit still has warranty and transferable EditShare support. Includes a 28Port Switch with 10GB connection to the server, 5 Flow licenses and a spare drive .


XStream EFS 300 is scale-out shared storage that delivers the benefits of EditShare File System-based storage in configurations that meet the performance and capacity requirements of the largest post-production environments. Starting with a single server the XStream EFS 300 can be expanded to a 5PB resilient Enterprise cluster, providing a powerful, scale-out solution that will never require a forklift upgrade. Plus with the included ‘All-in-One’ upgrade, the XStream EFS 300 provides a complete media production platform with integrated Flow production asset management and workflow tools.

EFS Performance

No matter the configuration the EFS 300 always presents a single namespace to manage, eliminating administrative tasks like balancing user workloads between volumes or workspaces as well as building multiple sets of user accounts and/or permission sets. The EFS Native Client multi-threaded driver with low overhead and latency provides Windows, OS X and LINUX workstations with exceptional performance.

In multi-node EFS 300 clusters, the EFS Native Client provides further performance benefits by enabling parallel transactions between workstations and storage nodes to avoid the typical “hot spots” associated with NAS clusters. Also, depending on the number of nodes present, an EFS 300 can support XOR and COPY protection schemes that can tolerate the loss of one or more storage nodes. Finally, EditShare ‘SwiftRead’ permits client workstations to seek parity or copy data from elsewhere in the cluster when a storage node is congested or down.