EditShare Flow
Production asset management software

With ever-growing production demands and the associated increase in media assets and users required to access them, every production project needs a sophisticated media management toolset. With our heritage in shared storage solutions for broadcast and media, EditShare is uniquely positioned to understand these requirements and today our Flow production media asset management platform is at the heart of many of the world’s leading production facilities workflows.

What is Flow?

A new layer of intelligent media management for your storage

EditShare Flow is a software-defined media asset management suite, designed to manage millions of media and non-media assets across multiple tiers of storage. Whether you’re an edit assistant, producer or an online editor, Flow’s unique workflow capabilities enables teams located across the globe to connect, communicate, and collaborate effortlessly with a comprehensive toolset for every team member. And as a software solution, Flow can be installed on your own hardware, offering the ability to scale as and when you need – from two users up to hundreds of team members.

Flow scans and indexes your storage devices, providing a single unified view of all your content regardless of where it is actually stored – online, nearline, offline (tape) or cloud, making it easier than ever to manage multiple pools of storage.

For production and post-production environments, Flow efficiently manages your content and seamlessly integrates with other content creation applications such as NLEs or Colour Grading applications. With support for any frame rate, format and scaling up to 8K, Flow can ingest, index, tag, organize, edit and deliver content from anywhere in the world. And with Automation, Flow can simplify the most complex of tasks by automating entire workflows.

Storage flexibility – Online, Nearline, Cloud

Flow adds an intelligent software layer to your storage environment, helping you manage your content wherever it is – online, nearline, offline (tape) or cloud. Even if your content is on a device the other side of the world, Flow lets you get to work on it straight away. Through Flow Automation, you can manage different storage tiers efficiently by moving content between storage devices on a timed or scheduled basis. Wherever your content is, Flow tracks it. And with native integration with other software and hardware platforms, Flow provides a wide range of options that allow your team to take collaboration to the next level. Flow offers native integration with platforms such as production storage Avid Nexis, StorageDNA, cloud based Amazon S3 and with any SMB mount storage pool. Automation enables you to move large buckets of media to different tiered storage. Flow enables you to archive it to LTO 8 platforms with our native integration with archiving specialists such as SGL FlashNet.

Power-up with worker Nodes

Add additional worker nodes to offload tasks and keep your production coming in on time and on budget. With Advanced and Enterprise license plans, tasks such as proxy creation, QC-ing and transcoding can be offloaded to Flow worker nodes that Flow administrators can control.

An extensive range of unique features

Flow provides you with tools and capabilities not found anywhere else, delivering very real gains to your workflow efficiency. Key features include:

  • Flow works on your hardware today and indexes any SMB storage environments.
  • Native drag and drop integration with Avid Media Composer ultimate – including Sequences, Master Clips and Subclips. Full round tripping between Avid and Flow Story.
  • Native drag and drop integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC – including Sequences, Master Clips and Subclips.
  • Full round tripping between Adobe and Flow Story. Includes new Adobe Premiere Pro CC panel.
  • Native drag and drop integration with FCP and FCP X – including Sequences, Master Clips and Subclips. Full round tripping between Apple and Flow Story.
  • Supports over 400 different codecs including camera manufacturer codecs such as R3D, P2, XDCAM, XDCAM EX, XDCAM HD.
  • Full secure remote editorial: work from any location and on any device. Share your complex sequences securely for review and approval with producers.
  • Multi-site collaboration: work across different sites in different geographical locations on the same collaborative project.
  • Easy to use, easy to deploy, with the ability to scale when your production needs to.

There’s so much more! Check out the full Features list

Flow’s core components include:

Flow Story
The first in a new generation of content creation applications for collaborative and remote workflows. Incorporating the features previously found in EditShare-only Flow Ingest and Flow Browse, Flow Story adds powerful editing capabilities, enabling users to work collaboratively between the Story client location and centralised shared storage. Flow Story is ideally suited to fast turnaround environments such as News, Sports and Reality TV programming, providing journalists and production teams with the ability to package content for finishing, delivery or playout. Fast and efficient proxy-based workflow solves the problems of extra fees or upload times associated with ‘cloud’ storage; just amazing content delivered in a fraction of the time, anywhere in the world. Flow supports a vast array of codecs including RED R3D, XAVC, CinemaDNG and DPX, along with industry standard production codecs such as Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD. Flow Story can batch ingest files from any production source, either on premise or remotely.

Media management on the move, the lightweight browser-based AirFlow client brings all the secure media sharing capabilities of the Flow MAM to multi-team multi-location productions. Its simple and intuitive web-based interface lets collaborators located anywhere in the world search, log, index, organize and play media content; and also upload and download content directly to and from central storage systems. Producers in transit can keep an eye on projects and view rough cuts and fine cuts on a device of their choice whether it’s a laptop, tablet or smartphone, making it easier than ever to work with talent located anywhere in the world.

Flow Automation
The powerful Flow Automation application removes the complexities of dealing with large volumes of content and negates the workload of repetitive tasks such as transcoding, QC’ing content or delivering media to Amazon S3 buckets. Automation’s simple node-based interface enables you to put together factories of processes that can be run ad hoc or set to repeat on a daily or a weekly basis. Each automation task can be saved to your library for future use, or duplicated and modified. Automation removes the labour-intensive manual processes that weigh down a production, streamlining your workflow.

Simple Licensing, Easy Pricing
Flow works hard for you when you need it to. With our flexible concurrent licensing, Flow allows a facility to scale up and down when it’s most needed. Available in a choice three license plans – Basic, Advanced and Enterprise, Flow is designed to work for the smallest of teams right up to large scale organisations – with pricing available in monthly, yearly or multi-year price plans.

Check out the License Comparison table for additional info, including pricing.


Flow 2020

Secure Media Collaboration In the Cloud, On-Premise and Anywhere Between

The milestone release of Flow 2020 marks a decoupling from EditShare-only storage and now facilities can enjoy the full suite of media management tools on any storage platform. The same smart toolset that EditShare EFS storage users are familiar with and enjoy today, is now available to everyone.

New in Flow 2020

The latest Flow 2020 adds powerful artificial intelligence capabilities, enabling facilities to automate repetitive tasks, minimise human error and address badly indexed content.

Flow AI: The Power of Artificial Intelligence

Object and Scene recognition
Flow AI enables growing facilities to index and organize thousands of hours of video content at the touch of a button. With Flow AI’s powerful Machine Learning capabilities, creative facilities can now realize the full value of their content. Automated scan and logging enables production teams to find that shot they’ve been looking for, by simply typing in keywords to Flow’s AI search engine – clips are found instantly. Flow AI’s state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms empower this leading edge technology with true visual intelligence.

Manual Processes that disappear: Faster, Quicker, Leaner
Originally, when digital files arrived into a facility, clients would sit there and tag hundreds of hours of video, before any footage reached the craft edit suite. This could be hours or days spent manual tagging and indexing content – a requirement essential to meeting a facility’s best practises on managing media. As it’s a manual process, we all know that people cut corners allowing some content slipping through the net and going untagged and unindexed. With Flow AI, content can be tagged in an instant – thanks to sophisticated AI technology, you need never lose content again.

Trigger indexing automatically
Flow AI’s highly impressive keywording platform can instantly recognize over 5000 objects, emotions and actions which can be used to efficiently tag, organize and categorize large image and video collections. This instant indexing dramatically reduces the time and man hours spent indexing content. Remarkably, this can be done be achieved in minutes rather than days and all without an operator, saving a facility valuable time, effort and expense. It means users can quickly retrieve visual content by searching keywords. It means after a day’s shoot, content can be captured, delivered to a facility, indexed , object recognised, proxy created, transcoded and delivered to craft editing suites, all without any technical operator involved. Time and Money well spent

Flow’s powerful Speech to Text AI feature, bringing a layer of intelligence to current and archived content.
Flow’s powerful Speech to Text (STT) AI module enables facilities to find a keyword or phrase they’ve been searching for. The STT module enables Flow to index every word being said in an interview, during a commentary, at a game or in a studio. The automatic transcription produces an accurate record of all speech within the video content with up to 95% accuracy. The result is a library of rich metadata that can be readily searched for the discussion, the word or phrase you are looking for. Flow’s STT can power through thousands of hours of media, enabling to index and archive content with powerful metadata, something that wasn’t available until recently.


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