EditShare XStream EFS 450

Cost Optimised parking storage for EFS cluster environments

EditShare 40NL is a storage node that’s intended for “parking” media that still needs to be accessible almost instantly, but which doesn’t need the extreme speed called for in the middle of an online 4K/UHD production workflow. It’s the ideal product to save the material you know you’re going to need soon – but not right now. And because of this, it costs significantly less than production-speed storage. And yet it still has all the robustness and reliability of EFS.

One or more EFS 40NL “parking” nodes can be added to an existing EFS shared storage cluster as a repository for unused media assets and project components that would otherwise take up valuable online storage. Doing so takes advantage of the EFS “Storage Node Group” concept which permits users to assign media spaces to a specific set of nodes and define how the files in the media space are protected. What’s more, it’s easy to use, because EFS 40NL uses the same namespace as EFS Production Storage, which means there are no complicated procedures or routines to move content between systems. You don’t even need to import or export. It’s all just there – in the same virtual place.

Moving media spaces from one storage node group is as simple as defining a new storage goal (node group and XORn, Copyn* etc.) and the EFS cluster then moves the content in an unobtrusive manner. Furthermore, the 40NL is backed up by a 5 year warranty**.

Independent cluster for disaster recovery

To safeguard against failure of production storage, EFS 40NL nodes can be combined with an EFS Metadata server (multiple for high-availability) to function as a low-cost, fully-independent failover cluster. With the addition of the metadata server, each storage cluster will support a single namespace that will remain unaffected should a disaster destroy the other. Replicating content is easily accomplished with the EditShare Sync Tool.

EFS 40NL is changing the way creative people think about nearline storage. It’s a new way to simplify your production lifestyle.


*XORn and Copyn are two different ways to protect data from the loss of a storage node.
XORn is the equivalent of RAID 5. XORn divides a data block into n chunks and then generates a companion parity chunk from the value of the data chunks. The n data blocks and the parity block are each stored on a different EFS storage node. XORn requires a minimum of n+1 storage nodes.
Copyn is the equivalent of mirroring. Copyn makes n copies of the original data and stores each copy on a different EFS storage node. Copyn requires a minimum of n storage nodes.
**With an EditShare support contract (only), EFS 40NL has a 5 year warranty.

Download the EFS 40NL Datasheet