EditShare Ark

    Your media is precious and securing assets away from your online production storage is essential – that’s why we developed Ark. Whether you’re looking to make short-term backups of your media and project files, or you want to temporarily “park” a project, or you want to build a permanent tape archive, there is an Ark solution for you.

    Integrated EditShare Workflow

    Ark Disk and Ark Tape seamlessly integrate with EditShare’s EFS central storage and Flow media asset management, providing a tiered storage environment with tremendous automation and media management capabilities. Easily copy or migrate content from “online” EditShare Media Spaces to “nearline” Ark Disk and “offline” Ark Tape LTO storage. Use Flow Production MAM to view low-resolution proxy files of everything stored on Ark and quickly restore any files you want to bring back to an online state. With Ark, your media is always only a few clicks away.

    Powerful Admin Tools

    One clean simple application lets you control backup, archiving, and restoration for both Ark Disk and Ark Tape. Because Ark is “EditShare Storage Aware”, you see a listing of all your EditShare Media Spaces and Project Spaces in the Ark User Interface, allowing you to easily define which spaces to include in an Ark Job.

    Setting up and running Ark jobs is easy with all the feedback and control you’d expect. Before a job runs, Ark logic checks to make sure the job will succeed and you can run jobs automatically at preset times – monthly, weekly, daily, even many times a day – or on demand. When any Ark job finishes, you can instantly get a report showing a list of files that were just copied. You can even have the list emailed to you.

    Ark Tape

    Ark Tape

    Flexible software for managing LTO tape libraries

    Powerful software for managing LTO tape libraries
    Ark Tape provides an integrated solution for easy, energy-efficient backup and archiving of media and projects from our EFS shared storage systems. Designed for EditShare’s own LTO-8 tape libraries that can include anywhere from 24 to 560 slots, and also compatible with qualified third-party LTO tape libraries, Ark Tape facilitates creation of any number of “Tape Pools” (groups of tapes) – for example, one for your entire organization, one for each customer or project, or separate pools for on-site and off-site. Easily copy or migrate media and related files from “online” to “offline” storage, verify backed up data, and receive notifications when transfers are completed.

    Ark Tape jobs are always “incremental”; this means you can start copying files today, run the same job in the future, and only files that have been changed or added are copied. You always have the option of verifying your Ark Tape job immediately after copying files on tape – to ensure the files can be read back successfully. Alternately, run verification jobs months or years later to check on the integrity of your tapes.

    Getting files to Ark Tape is a breeze and so is restoring them when you want them online again. Whenever media files are sent to Ark Tape, a proxy file is automatically created so you can view what’s on your LTO tapes in Flow Browse. When you restore from Ark Tape, you can either select the exact files you want to restore using the Flow Browse interface, or you can restore entire EditShare Spaces to the exact state they were in on any date when an Ark Job was run.

    Ark Disk

    Ark Disk

    Scalable nearline storage for fast data copying

    Scalable nearline storage for fast media transfers
    EditShare Ark Disk is built on top of hard disks that are spinning all the time—offering the advantage of high-speed performance for backup, archiving, and restoration tasks. With Ark Disk, your nearline media is always just seconds away. Ark Disk systems can start as small as 32TB and scale up over time to more than 2 petabytes.

    Flow Integration
    Ark Disk is fully integrated with EditShare’s Flow production MAM platform that allows deeper control of assets and transfers. Whenever media files are sent to Ark Disk, a proxy file automatically gets created so that later on you can view what’s on your Ark Disk in Flow Browse. When you restore from Ark Disk, you can either select the exact files – or parts of files – you want to restore using the Flow Browse interface, or you can restore entire EditShare Spaces. If restoring a partial file it can be kept in the original codec without any degradation of quality, or transcode to a different codec and wrapper. You can even search in Flow Browse based on any criteria (age of clips, name of project, etc) and remove any unwanted media files from Ark Disk.