Avid Interplay Family
Avid Interplay Family

Smart Media Creation, Management, and Connection

Today’s media businesses face a daunting array of challenges, from expanding content requirements, compressed deadlines, and workflow inefficiencies, to a growing need to address more than a single-screen audience. Solutions lie in higher-quality creative tools, quicker cycle times, and simultaneous distribution of media on multiple platforms, all built on a foundation of intelligent asset management provided by the Interplay solution family.

Intelligent production and management solutions for media professionals

The Interplay family is a set of media production and asset management technologies that give you the creative intelligence to not only automate your ingest, production, and distribution processes, but link them with such critical business functions as billing, sales, and rights management.

Interplay | Production

Integrating creative and management processes, Interplay Production lets producers, editors, assistants, and reviewers collaborate in real-time to find, shot-list, review, annotate, and edit content while tasks like media movement, transcoding, and proxy generation are orchestrated in the background.

Interplay | MAM

Avid Interplay| MAM is comprehensive and intelligent solution for media asset management to help you organize your media, make it broadly accessible, unify and coordinate every aspect of production. The Interplay| MAM Active Archive solution provides key workflows and a dynamic archive capability in a complete quick start package.

Avid MediaCentral Platform

Employing a highly-intuitive, pane-based interface that gives contributors the freedom to write, edit, produce and manage media anywhere, anytime, Avid MediaCentral Platform lets them assume a variety of production roles by working with text, video, and audio all in one web-based application.

Media Composer | Cloud

Whether working on a news story across town or a sporting event across the world, the universal connectivity of Media Composer | Cloud keeps editors, reporters, and producers linked to the workgroup, allowing them to locally ingest, edit, and move media fluidly between story site and production facility.

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