Avid Broadcast Graphics Solutions

To stand out in today’s cutthroat broadcast environment and boost ratings, you need to engage viewers in whole new ways. With Avid graphics solutions, you can entertain and enlighten audiences through powerful visual storytelling, stunning imagery, and enhancements, so they keep tuning in for more.

Meeting the challenge

Boost your brand and viewership through eye-catching real-time 3D graphics, timely news updates, and other compelling visual content. No matter how big or small your organization, our graphics solutions enable you to do so much more with less.

  • Create timely, engaging, and immersive high-res content that enlightens and entertains
  • Empower more impactful and collaborative storytelling across multiple channels
  • Bring energy, excitement, and higher production value to news, sports, and entertainment shows
  • Manage and distribute vast volumes of graphical content with speed, ease, and accuracy
  • Increase the lifetime value of your assets by keeping them secure yet available for reuse
  • Easily find, locate, and share relevant content across geographically dispersed production teams
  • Enable on-air talent to interact with and control dynamic content across your studio
  • Seamlessly integrate our solutions with your existing graphics workflow

Avid Broadcast Graphics Solutions include;

Camera Tracking
Maestro | AR
Maestro | Branding
Maestro | Channel in a Box
Maestro | Designer
Maestro | Interactive
Maestro | Live
Maestro | News
Maestro | TD Control
Maestro | Telestrator
Maestro | Virtual Set
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