Arvato EditMate

Collaborative Editing & Project Management
for Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC

Increasing numbers of projects and media files in production environments challenge well-established editing workflows. VPMS EditMate is the solution for managing Premiere Pro projects and the related media files for seamless collaboration.

Media Management

VPMS EditMate manages massive data volumes in a way that allows files, projects and templates to be easily searched for directly in the Premiere Pro panel.

Local footage can be easily ingested via the native Adobe Premiere panel.

Publishing is a simple mouse click with the chance to trigger workflows like transcoding simultaneously. With preconfigured export presets VPMS EditMate guarantees the usage of the intended output format.

VPMS EditMate also handles cleaning up old files and managing the disk space to free up space on valuable production storage for new projects. VPMS EditMate will automatically organize to archive and/or delete material that is no longer used. By considering the project runtime, media can be held back to avoid inadvertent deletion. When all editing tasks are finished, data is deleted or archived without having to gather all media, rendering, and project files manually.

Project Management

With VPMS EditMate projects are securely shared between multiple editors and different locations. Creating projects is completed in a single step with access to technical templates and managed collections.

VPMS EditMate allows the editors to search existing Premiere Pro projects by custom metadata attributes. The security and confidentiality of the projects are also covered with VPMS EditMate offering individual user access control. With project parking, media and project-locking functions, EditMate is a powerful tool for Premiere Pro project management.

Remote Editing

The high bit-rates of professional video, and the large file sizes can make remote editing tedious and even impractical. EditMate offers an adaptive streaming engine that uses available bandwidth to deliver a high quality, Full HD “proxy” – giving you the full Adobe Premiere Pro experience and toolset but without needing to wait for, or copy large media files. EditMate renders the sequences into new clips centrally in the backed, rendering all Premiere Pro effects and elements, and complete the check-in process. Alternatively the project can be shared and finished online in the central facility.

The new Full HD proxy format gives editors the full Adobe Premiere experience while working with bandwidths from 6-12 Mbps.


  • Conveniently retrieve media projects and files within Adobe Premiere via the native EditMate Panel
  • Use local footage in your project and automatically share it with others
  • Trigger workflows while publishing your projects
  • Extended deletion functionality
  • Centralized project management with templates and collections
  • HD proxy editing with adaptive streaming for full experience remote editing workflows

VPMS Advanced Media Management
Index and manage multi format files with the most intelligent ingest tool

Media Asset Management for Enterprise Demands


VPMS EditMate integrates seamlessly with other VPMS products, connecting collaborative editing with automated advanced media processing workflows and integration to the IT and video infrastructure.


Arvato Systems VPMS is a suite of independently deployable and scalable products that draws on decades of experience in developing and deploying media management solutions worldwide. Corresponding to the functional blocks of the media enterprise, each product exploits the latest technology and trends and enables users to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness.


–– Origin – Orchestrating the ingest of tapes, files, feeds and streams

–– Platform – workflow orchestration and content management.

–– MediaPortal – The hub for finding, collecting and sharing content.

–– EditMate – Workgroup editing and collaboration.

–– ClipJOCKEY – The tool for studio production, run-down and live-assist automation.


Media organizations can deploy these products individually or combine and scale them to tailor VPMS to their unique requirements, ensuring that they can differentiate their offering in an increasingly competitive video economy.