AJA Video Systems
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AJA Video has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality and cost-effective digital video interface, conversion and desktop solutions supporting the professional broadcast and post-production markets since 1993. With headquarters in Grass Valley, California, AJA maintains an extensive sales channel of dealers and systems integrators around the world.



A turnkey 1RU solution featuring deep metadata support, BRIDGE LIVE simplifies the transport of UltraHD or multi-channel HD video between uncompressed baseband SDI to/from a wide range of streaming and contribution codecs (H.265, H.264, MPEG-2 and JPEG 2000) in real time. The plug-and-play gateway solution supports a flexible array of containers and protocols, including SRT, RTMP/S, RTP, UDP, and MPEG-TS, and extends to Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) ladder profiles and hand off for OTT packaging. Combining AJA’s production proven I/O technology with Comprimato’s powerful encoding/decoding/transcoding software, it provides high-quality, cost-effective video processing, with SDI encode or decode for one channel of UltraHD up to 60p, or up to four channels of 1080 60p HD simultaneously, via four 12G-SDI connections that are also backwards compatible to 6G, 3G, and 1.5G SDI. AJA also offers a perpetual BRIDGE LIVE license for encoding/decoding JPEG 2000 VSF TR-01.
Available now through AJA’s worldwide reseller network for $14,995 US MSRP. Pricing for the JPEG 2000 I/O license is $1,500 US MSRP per HD Channel and $6,000 US MSRP for UltraHD.



AJA’s Mini-Converters are well known worldwide for their reliability, robustness and power across a range of conversion needs. Select the appropriate category for your in field or studio needs.

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Digital Recorders

The Ki Pro family of digital file recorders and players cover a range of raster, codec and connectivity needs in different formats suited for the field, equipment rack or facility.

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Mobile I/O

Explore AJA’s solutions for editing, color correction, streaming and much more in the field or flexible facility environments with the Io and T-Tap products.

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Desktop I/O

From Composite, Component, 3G-SDI, HDMI to Broadcast IP, AJA desktop solutions provide you the needed I/O for any given project. Explore the KONA desktop I/O family to learn more

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HDR Image Analyzer

HDR Waveform, Histogram and Vectorscope Monitoring

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Frame Sync

AJA’s FS range of 1RU frame synchronizers and multi-capable converters cover your needs from SD to 4K, 1 to 4 channels of HD support and advanced workflows including real-time HDR transforms, with the incredible FS-HDR

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Recording Media

AJA offers a range of media for both Ki Pro Rack with KiStor drives and Ki Pro Ultra, Ki Pro Plus and Ki Pro Quad with Pak media. Explore docks, eSata connectivity and more.

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Broadcast IP

AJA offers both the desktop based KONA IP with support for 2022-6/7 and upcoming 2110 support as well as optional JPEG 2000 over IP. AJA’s range of IPT Mini-Converters bridge SDI and HDMI to JPEG 2000 over IP with minimal latency.

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