Media Composer 2019.9, 2018.12.8 and Distributed Processing, 2019.9 Updates – Find out what is NEW

Avid have announced the latest version of Media Composer 2019-9

Media Composer 2019.9, 2018.12.8 and Distributed Processing, 2019.9 Updates

New features include more space for custom buttons in the timeline and quick-access color pickers for bin and timeline clips. The left-lock scrolling feature for text-view inside bins is back and better than ever and the Mute and Solo buttons have been placed side-by-side for easier access. This version also brings an exciting new capability: the Adobe Premiere Pro sequence importer, so you can easily import Premiere sequences and start editing them in Avid Media Composer.

For a complete list of the new features and fixes in version 2019.9, go to the Media Composer 2019.9 What’s New.

Additionally, we are also releasing an update to our Long Term Maintenance Release of Media Composer, version 2018.12.8, which brings support for XAVC Class 100 1080p/59.94 media. More information regarding specific changes and fixes can be found in the Media Composer 2018.12.8 ReadMe.

Media Composer | Distributed Processing is getting an update as well. Version 2019.9 for Windows is now shipping bringing with it new performance improvements. The Mac-compatible version will soon be released in the coming weeks completing the set and enabling full cross-platform functionality and allowing Media Composer users to submit render and transcode jobs FROM any Mac or Windows system TO any Mac or Windows worker machines on their network. Distributed Processing enables production groups to repurpose those old workstations for faster turnaround times and non-creative background processing tasks.

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