Avid NEXIS | E2 SSD 38.4TB Engine and Move Workspace Tech Preview

Double Your E2 SSD Storage—Coming Soon

For high-performance finishing and VFX, Avid NEXIS | E2 SSD delivers a blazing-fast 3 GB/s of scalable performance per engine. And now this all-flash array is available for preorder in a 38.4 TB capacity (alongside the current 9.6 TB and 19.2 TB capacities), giving you 2x more storage space per engine to accommodate monster-sized projects—with scalability to support more than 2 PB of flash storage by combining up to 64 38.4 TB E2 SSD engines in a single system.

NAB Tech Preview: Avid NEXIS Workspace Move

Quickly and easily move media within the Avid NEXIS environment without the need for any additional client or server or 3rd party software. Move Avid NEXIS workspaces between storage groups with matching protection and performance types, specifically between different tiers of on-premises storage:

  • Ultimate performance (E2 SSD) – for color correction, finishing, VFX
  • Online (E2, E4, E5)
  • High-density nearline (E5 NL) – for parking or staging