Avid – Available Now: March Release of Media Composer 2018

Avid is pleased to announce that the March release of Media Composer 2018 was made available last Tuesday on March 13th

Avid is pleased to announce that the March release of Media Composer 2018 was made available last Tuesday on March 13th at 3 PM EST. This update was made available from Avid Master Accounts, Application Manager, and the Avid Download Center (login and password required).

An update to Media Composer | First 2018 was released at the same time, and is available from Avid Master Accounts and Application Manager.


These software updates contain a number of important bug fixes, including:

• In-progress AVC-Intra clips were not updating properly in the editing application. For example, the Capture in Progress slide would appear in media that was known to be valid.
• When working with 50p projects, the two-frame safety did not work when playing, pausing or performing an insert or overwrite edit.
• Linking an MXF clip created from Resolve might have resulted in an “Exception: Cannot create the AMA sample mapper to play this clip” error.
• In some instances, enabling Multi Cam was twice as slow than in previous releases.
• In some instances, an AS-02 bundle export resulted in a blank volume bin and an “invalid bundle” message in Console Window.
• (HP Z8 system) Previously, if you were working on an HP Z8 system with no connection to the serial port, Media Composer might hang during launch or when you selected a project. With this release, you might see a Timeout message that you can click OK and continue successfully. If the problem persists, you can either connect a device to the serial port, or disable the COM1 port in the Device Manager.
• Exporting to XDCAM resulted in an “Exception” error if the sequence included a data track.
• Saving the Composer windows size in a workspace was not retained when switching from Color Correction workspace to Source / Record workspace
• With this release, if you are exporting markers as text and if at least one of the marker comments contains a tab or return.
• Thin raster presets have been included in the New Project window.

Important Information for Dongle Users (Mac OSX Only)

With this release, the Sentinel driver installer package will no longer be installed with the rest of the Media Composer installer. Instead, it must be installed separately. This only affects new installs of Media Composer on Mac OSX 10.13.x and higher. Upgrade installs will already have the driver installed and will not be affected. Users who want to use a dongle on Mac will need to manually install the sentinel driver.

How to Obtain Media Composer 2018 Updates

The latest update to Media Composer was made available last Tuesday on March 13th, at 3 PM EST.
Customers who have already installed the latest version of Media Composer will be notified of the availability of the upgrade via the Application Manager. The Apps tab also provides a link to download and install the update when desired.

New customers who purchase Media Composer will receive the update in their Avid Master Account.

Customers not on a current Update & Support contract must purchase either a new Media Composer Subscription or Perpetual license to receive this update.

More details can be found from following links: