Avid NEXIS | PRO – storage now scaling to 160 TB – twice its previous capacity – giving small post facilities the ease-of-use, security, and performance advantages enjoyed by larger Avid NEXIS customers.

Even better? If you want to play on par with the big Hollywood studios, but don’t have a blockbuster-size budget, Avid NEXIS | PRO is also available as part of three powerhouse post-production Avid Team bundles. Unite and arm your team with the same industry-leading video, storage, and audio tools used across the biggest studios—all for an indie price. Not only will these bundles save you hours of production time daily, you’ll save thousands of dollars over purchasing these award-winning tools individually.

NEXIS in a more affordable system designed for small video or audio production teams. Avid NEXIS | PRO offers real-time collaboration to accelerate your media workflow. Find and share media fast. Adapt workspace capacity, performance, and protection as requirements change. And get the same secure and reliable workflows trusted by an industry.
Now available with 20 TB or 40 TB of storage capacity with a single Media Pack per engine (offering up to 600 MB/s of bandwidth)

Combine Avid NEXIS | PRO with Avids new MediaCentral Platform with Next-Generation Media Production Suite.

Groundbreaking modular platform design with innovative user experience delivers a full suite of applications, modules, services, and connectors to drive unprecedented scalability, extensibility and efficiency.

Powerful and configurable workflow modules

MediaCentral can be flexibly configured with any combination of workflow modules for basic editorial, production, newsroom, graphics, and asset management. Production teams can combine modules and integrate the apps and services that meet their specific production and workflow needs, with the flexibility to add modules in the future as creative or business needs dictate. MediaCentral workflow modules include:

• MediaCentral | Editorial Management: Robust and affordable file and workflow management for small to mid-sized creative teams, bringing unprecedented collaborative power, plus project and media sharing capabilities, to any size workflow.
• MediaCentral | Production Management: Advanced file and workflow management for mid-sized to large production teams, simplifying and accelerating media production workflows.
• MediaCentral | Newsroom Management: Complete story creation and rundown management for news teams, providing improved workflow efficiency and speed to break news across multiple broadcast and digital outlets.
• MediaCentral | Graphics Management: Next-generation graphics asset management for news and sports, delivering seamless workflow integration across the real-time graphics production environment.
• MediaCentral | Asset Management: Advanced media asset management for news, sports, and post production teams that manages the entire content lifecycle, with easy asset browsing and retrieval across multiple tiers of storage for reuse or repurposing.


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